Welcome to Duckduckbro!


First, About Our Ducks

If you’re from Bohol island, Philippines and you’re looking for some ducks then you’ve come to the right place. We have several dozen Muscovy ducks and several more ducklings. Not a lot since we’re not commercial duck breeders but it’s too much for us. So if you’re interested in buying some ducks to raise or to cook then let’s talk about it!


Second, There’s More

We also have native chickens, goats and pigs.  Sounds like a lot, and sounds really serious, doesn’t it? But honestly, we’re just enthusiasts, we keep these animals for the pleasure of having them. We slaughter and cook ducks and chickens for special occasions like fiesta and birthday. We slaughter pigs maybe once a year for our own consumption and what’s surplus we sell to folks in our village. During such times, we make bacon, ham and sausages, sometimes smoked meats and fish. If we have anything to sell, you’ll find out about it on this website. So bookmark and follow us now! 🙂


And finally …

We’re sharing whatever information we can about backyard farming. That’s mini-livestock-farming. It isn’t easy. We’ve had our share of failures, we’ve had fatalities of ducks, chickens and pigs and it’s heartbreaking. We’re learning through our own experience and interactions with some of our neighbours who are backyard farmers themselves (and in this village, we’re all usually afraid of vets)! 😉 There’s plenty to learn and that makes it all worth the time and effort. And we’re posting about it here! We hope you enjoy browsing!

Duckduck! 🙂

With Trevor and Penny
(and the muscle guys Bebe and Alex)
In San Roque, Baclayon, Bohol

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